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We look forward to seeing you.


If you're seeing this; you're booked in. Please always check the NOTAMS.

Please bear in mind Jimmy's Cafe and the Clubhouse is open Thursday to Sunday. Monday to Wednesday please book in at Jimmy's 10-4 to the side of the Clubhouse where you'll also find drinks and snacks.

We don't send confirmation emails and can't answer the phone when we're up ladders or doing one of the myriad of things necesssary each week to keep the airfield running; please just carry on and come in.

As a friendly reminder please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our circuit before arrival. 

Circuit Procedured Diagram 31 10 14


Please note that the full circuit must be flown, please do not cut the corner on the turn to base leg for 25; the petrol stations on the A11 are well inside the circuit. 

If you require fuel on Monday to Thursday, please check by phone that the bowser is open. 

Jimmy's Cafe is open Thursday to Sunday from 0930. The rest of the week we are delighted to be able to offer the self-service version of the cafe, Jimmy's 10-4. 

Please click the map to expand it into a printer friendly version. 

EGSV 19-01-2022 08:47 Open; Blind Calls, RFFS Limited Fuel only by arrangement. Request via PPR. Self Serve Drinks…
19 Jan 22
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