As well as a centre of General Aviation, Old Buck is fast becoming the home of virtual aviation.


A centre of Flight simulation Excellence

We are delighted to be the home of Sim-Fly. Using the expertise of former airline pilot and instructor John Hoyte, Sim-Fly combine years of real world flying experience with the latest technology to provide a unique service of flight training and fun whatever the weather. 

Sim-Fly's experience packages range from an hour of fun flying "any aircraft, any time, anywhere" to packages offering multi-hour training with Capt. John as a perfect accompaniment to a PPL course. 

The simulator is the only one of its type in the UK and can seamlessly and accurately emulate virtually any aircraft, ranging from the simple Piper Cub to complex airliners. 

Experiences can be tailored to the client's whims. If you fancy an hour in a Red Arrows Hawk flying through the Welsh Valleys, or 5 hours practising circuits in a Cessna 172, whatever the weather, Sim-Fly is ideal for beginners and seasoned pilots alike. 

To find out more click here. 

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