Old Buckenham Airfield

Built as the wartime home of the USAAF 453rd Bombardment Group, today Old Buckenham is one of the most famous and vibrant centres of aviation in the UK.

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What's Here

COVID-19: THE AERODROME IS OPEN TO AIRCRAFT. PPR is MANDATORY. Jimmy's Cafe is open from 0900 - 1600 Friday - Sunday. Outside fo those times the aerodrome is closed to the Public. Pilots and Passengers: When the Cafe is closed SELF SERVICE DRINKS AND SNACKS ARE AVAILABLE AT Jimmys 8-Late. 

More than just a World Famous, CAA Licensed Airfield; 

We now have Catering 7 days a week thanks to Jimmy's 8-Late, a self service operation available for tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks from 8am until either sunset or 8pm (whichever comes first) each day when the main cafe isn't open. For more information click here. 

Isn't it time you weren't embarrassed when you took your friends flying?. With new hangars and one of the best GA facilities in the UK unsurpisingly we're operating a waiting list. 

Buy a share in an aircraft based here for just £1200. Click here to find out more. 

The Old Buckenham Aero Engineering Centre. Finally, every GA service you need in one place. 

.... latest Fuel Price £1.75 per litre inclusive. Members discount 10p per litre....Free Wi Fi for all visiting pilots......

We've also got:

798 metres of Hard Runway
Hard taxiway to the apron
Two Grass Runways
Acres of Grass Apron
Wartime home of the USAAF 453rd Bomb. Group.
Modern hangars, including 2014 built bays. 
Avgas & Oil
Rescue Fire Fighting Service
Flying School
We're able to accept flights from all over the EU
World famous Airshow (now an Award Winner)

as well as dozens of companies on site including aircraft engineers, classic car restoration, military museum and aircraft brokerage.

Old Buck Shots - all of the sights from the airfield including thousands of shots of aircraft which have visited, enormous wartime library of pictures, updated constantly. 

Upcoming Events

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Remembrance Sunday 2020
8 Nov 2020 The most important date on the Airfield’s Calendar. ...more
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The Old Buckenham Airshow
30 Jul 2021 - 1 Aug 2021 The Award- Winning Airshow; bigger, better and with even more choice. ...more
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The Dave Pearce Orchestra
31 Jul 2021 The Highlight of our VE75 Weekend, A concert packed full of your big band favourites, from Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more. ...more
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