Isn't it time you weren't embarrassed when you took your friends flying? We're about to open three brand new hangars at Norfolk's best airfield.


Hangarage & Parking

SORRY - We're clearly doing something right. We've been operating a waiting list for some time despite having built three hangars recently. 

Please fill out the form below to join the list. We find that once our members have a space they hang onto it so currently cannot give any indication of how long the wait might be. If you are interested in external parking in the interim, we can help. 

The only way to join the list is to fill out the form below. We will fit you in when we can and space is as much dependant on aircraft type (dimensions, high or low wing) as anything else. 

EGSV 19-01-2022 08:47 Open; Blind Calls, RFFS Limited Fuel only by arrangement. Request via PPR. Self Serve Drinks… https://t.co/ldDeWtshrM
19 Jan 22
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