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We are open to all air traffic from 8am to 8pm daily. Friday to Sunday we operate the ATZ and RFFS crew. We go to great lengths to be good neighbours so please ensure you are familiar with our noise abatement procedures before setting off.



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Airshow PPR is for members only. please do not book in here. members please refer to YOUR newsletterS. 

Please LOOK At and follow the noise abatement circuit procedures opposite.  

Flying In Guide May 2019

Our guide to flying in contains all you need to know, noise abatement, pricing, terms and conditions. Click here to view it. 

PPR online with the form on this page. We prefer PPR this way, alternatively you can call on 01953 860 806. 

Buckenham Radio 124.405. The freqency can be manned at any time and blind calls must be made if no reply heard. Please refer to the AIP for Operational Hours when the frequency will be manned. 

Circuits will be 07L or 25R, downwind leg is over the A11 North of Attleborough.

We still accept joins from Tacolneston and Snetterton straight-in approaches from these landmarks may be flown on the basis that circuit traffic has priority.

Downwind is over the A11 North of Attleborough. Please do not fly tight circuits to the south of Attleborough unless you are flying the bad weather circuit due to poor visibility, as we have a number of noise sensitive areas within the circuit who may complain if you over-fly their properties. Please ensure that you do not cut the corner onto base leg for 25, the petrol stations on the A11 should be well inside the circuit. 

On departure from runway 25, turn to 270 degrees until you reach the railway line, thereby avoiding Old Buckenham Village. 

No Aircraft movements before 0800 or after 2000 local, Tacolneston mast 735' amsl 3nm ENE, Considerable gliding activity at Tibenham 4nm SE. Disused section short of runway 25 starter extension, rubble and high straw stacks.

Flying in from the EU

Old Buckenham has a Customs Agreement, allowing us to accept flights directly from anywhere in the EU. You will need to fill out a GAR which you can do online by clicking here


We highly recommend the excellent Breckland Lodge which is 5 minutes drive from the airfield. They offer a range of rooms at reasonable rates, as well as Norfolk's finest carvery, bars and restaurants. 


We always reccommend Mr. Abbas 07899 956727. 

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