The LAA & Homebuilt Fly In

Our annual celebration of the LAA fleet; the largest in the UK.


27 May 2018 - 27 May 2018
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Once again we’re celebrating the technological marvels that can be made at home, as well as the myriad of machines that fall under the auspices of the Light Aircraft Association. Traditionally this tends to be one of, if not the, busiest days for air traffic in the calendar. PPR is essential therefore, and landing fees are half price. Pilots; please do ensure that you have PPR . On arrival, expect to see marshals guiding you to parking positions.

Our events are always at the mercy of the weather. Please check our Twitter feed @egsv if the forecast looks dodgy. We'll tweet and update if we have to cancel at short notice.

PPR is easy: please fill out this simple form. SPACE IS LIMITED AND THIS EVENT IS STRICTLY PPR ONLY. 


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1100 G-KEMI Fowlmere
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