Christmas 2015 Opening Hours

All the information you need about our availability over the festive season.


21 Dec 2015 - 01 Jan 2016

Jimmy's Cafe, Air Traffic Services and Rescue Fire Fighting Services will be closed from the 21st December until the 2nd January. Fuel is only available during these times by agreed arrangement. 

Jimmy's 10-4 will be available from the 27th - 30th December.

Everything will return to normal on the 2nd January and we'll be tweeting about the proposed Fly In on the 3rd when we can assess the condition of the grass.

We wish everyone a happy festive season and look forward to welcoming you back for an exciting 2016 calendar.

In an emergency, please leave a message by calling 01953 860 806 option 4. We are able to monitor messages remotely. 

ETA Reg From
0900 G-MICK Fenland
0930 N88NA EGNE
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t: 01953 860806

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